Storm Chasers
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Sean Casey
Joshua Wurman
Reed Timmer
Tim Samaras


Didier Rachou

Country of Origin

United States


English, Spanish

Number of Episodes

20 (1, 2, 3)

Location(s) of Productions

United States

Running Time

60 Minutes (with commercials)

Original Channel

Discovery Channel

Original Airing & Status

October 17, 2007; Airing

Storm Chasers is a one-hour weekly American documentary reality television series that premiered on October 17, 2007. The program followes several storm chasers as they attmpt to intercept tornadoes in the "Tornado Alley" in the United States.


Storm Chasers is primarly film during the late spring and the early summer in the central United States, the time of tyhe most frequent tornado activity.

During the 2007 and 2008 seasons, scietists Joshua Wurman and IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey, team up to track down tornadoes and achieve the goals each leader set. Josh is a renowned atmospheric scientist and creator of the DOW whose goal is to collect data in order to improve warning systems. Josh other goals are to put probes in the way of the tornadoes and put the TIV in the riht spot to intercept. Sean's goal is to intercept the tornado and film the tornado from the inside with a $100,000 IMAX camera using his armored TIV.

The TIV crew is pioneered by Sean Casey, aided by Ronan P. Nagle, driver and former Co-Executive Producer, now Executive Producer as of 2009, of the series, and Byron Turk, navigator and a shooter/producer for the show. The TIV carries weather instruments that colect data from 12 feet above grond when intercepting that, when combined with the DOW radar imagenery and probe data, can help to give Josh a more complete picture of a tornado's structure.

Sean's goal is to intercept a tornado and give him the IMAX shot of a life time. If he gets the shot, the IMAX movie he is producing will be the next movie to have tornadoes. The first movie was called Forces of Nature and was released in 2003 with a third of the film dedicated to tornadoes, the other 2/3 were dedicated to volcanoes and earthquakes. Ronan, the TIV's driver, is an executive producer on the film tentavely entitled, Into The Tornado Alley.

Beginning in 2008, the program started to follow the team from the website (TVN) lead by meteorology Ph.D. candidate Reed Timmer, Joel Taylor (Driver/Meterologist), and Chris Chittick (Photographer/Probe Technician). The goal of Reed's small but very mobile crew is to capture "extreme videos" of tornadoes as well as scientific data from tornadoes.

During the 2009 tornodo season, the Storm Chasers production started following and document the TWISTEX team, led by engineer and veteran storm chaser Tim Samaras. The main popuse of the TWISTEX team is to deploy their "turtle" probes into the path of the tornado.

In the 2009 season, every team had very good chances to intercept the wanted tornado. Sean Casey's team replaced the original TIV with TIV 2 to finally put it on the path of the tornado and have the perfect IMAX shot of his lifetime. The original SCOUT, PROBE, TWISTEX, and TVN vehicles all carry probes that are designed to be placed at the path of the tornado to collect data and film footage from the lowest portion of the tornado.