Season One of Storm Chasers premiered on October 17, 2007, on the Discovery Channel.


During the 2007 season, which consisted of 4 episodes, Josh Wurman and Sean Casey's team used a fleet of three vehicles: the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (or TIV), the Scout (a modified 1993 Nissan Pathfinder), and a Doppler on Wheels (or DOW). Team members for the 2007 season included Herb Stein (DOW driver), Mara McFalls (scout driver/journalist), Justin Walker (scout navigator/meteorologist), Danny Cheresnick (DOW navigator/meteorologist), and Karen Kosiba (DOW navigator/meteorologist).



A 2-part special (Totaling to 90 minutes altogether) called "The Science of Storm Chasing".


  • This is the only season to have only film four episodes.