Byron Turk
Doghouse Driver
Freelance filmmaker

Born in Georgia and raised in California, Byron studied film in Santa Barbara at UCSB. While initially interested in music and movies, his life would be changed forever when a former film teacher passed Byron's name along to Sean Casey who needed help with his IMAX movie. A summer of storm chasing left him with a new friend and a new obsession. Hooked on the adrenaline rush and a desire to conquer the ultimate challenge, Byron eagerly — and perhaps foolishly — joined Sean in his quest to intercept and film the perfect tornado. He's also enjoyed endless conversations with meteorologists who've long been trying to teach him all the weather signs that are good to know. In the off season, Byron works as a freelance filmmaker, plays the guitar in his apartment, and likes to eat cold soup right from the can. [1]

He is currently Directing a feature movie called "Welcome to the Bates Motel",



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